The wonders of warming up!

To warm up or not to warm up that is the question!? Hey all this is Doug Lang owner of Lang Fitness here in Scottsdale Arizona! After over 17+ years in the fitness industry if there is one thing I have learned it is that warm up for your workout is uber important!  To warm… Read more

Group Fitness Training

Why do people like group training?! For years 1 on 1 training was the thing to do if you wanted to get in better shape, it was effective. You found a great trainer bought some sessions and worked for your goals with an expert personal trainer. One of the problems was that personal training was… Read more

Whats up with all this sugar!?

Whats up with all this sugar!? Its everywhere we look! Why do I need to know about it, and why and what should I do to help me get lean regarding sugar intake!? In this blog we talk about sugar! What is the truth behind it? And why is it such a big deal? The… Read more