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Welcome to Lang Fitness!

Hi and welcome to my Lang Fitness website! If you have made it to my blog you may be considering competing in an NPC show. You have come to the right place! At Lang Fitness we are based inside of Independence Gym in Scottsdale, AZ and specialize in training people for NPC Bikini competitions, NPC Figure competitions, and men’s bodybuilding and physique! We are the premiere fitness trainers in Scottsdale, AZ for NPC competition training, posing classes and higher level fitness! Our philosophy is simple, deliver the most comprehensive, science and results based fitness training program to our clients. As a client of Lang Fitness you can expect personalized training program based on your goals and current fitness level. We always set realistic goals and time frames. It does not matter if you are training for an NPC bikini contest or just trying to become the absolute best version of yourself we believe fitness is a lifestyle not just a sprint to do a show or photoshoot. We encourage a lifestyle change so that you can expect to maintain the new head turning physique you earned!

Our competition training schedule includes the NPC Miles Productions competitions, the Dennis James Classic and the Arizona Europa Show! As we prep the Lang Fitness Team for success in these competitions we will be putting our team through the paces of daily training, cardio, sound nutrition and posing classes. A competition prep program can vary from individual to individual depending on a person’s current conditioning level. It could take as little as 2 months and as long as 1 year! Within your prep time you will be guided through your workouts, cardio, nutrition, supplements, and posing. Lang Fitness is big on monitoring your progress through body fat assessment and in posing class (or updated pictures if online training client) this enables us to make proper adjustments to your program for best and most consistent results! We tie all your hard work together with our NPC specific posing classes, you would not want to train your ass off for that long and be in your absolute best shape and not be able to show it off correctly would you!? We have NPC bikini posing classes, NPC figure posing classes and NPC men’s physique and bodybuilding classes! All here locally in Scottsdale Arizona or with our rapidly growing online clientele!