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Doug Lang - Fitness Coach Intro

Hey Doug Lang here….owner of Lang Fitness personal training and competition coaching.

When I created Lang Fitness I had a vision of building a successful program for people wanting to compete or take their physique to the next level. I have taken my over 16 years of experience in the industry and built a training program based on proven training principles, sound nutrition, applied science and a friendly supportive team environment, which in all equals results for you….the client.

Our main office is inside the world famous Independence Gym in sunny Scottsdale Arizona! This is where we do what we do best…..get you results! As a client my team and I work with you closely in the gym teaching you proper form, technique, different training strategies, consistent training progressions and make sure to push you to your limit every time you are here!

If you have been struggling putting together an effective nutrition plan and are not quite sure where to start….we can help with that too. We have experience with many nutrition strategies and can help you decide which one is best for you and your goals, and walk you through the process. We have extensive experience with supplements for performance and can help you make the best decisions before you step foot in the sometimes intimidating supplement store.

If your goal is to compete in an NPC bikini, figure or physique show, we put all of this together in a comprehensive plan to get you ready for the competition we choose within the time frame that Is thought out and realistic for you. This includes our competition posing classes. An integral part of any competition prep program, you can spend 2-6 months or more getting ready for a show and be in the absolute best shape of your life but throw it all away onstage if you don’t know how to pose correctly. We pride ourselves in having one of the top rated posing classes you can find! We are perfectionist and will not let you get onstage if you are not 100% ready to kick some butt up there!

You may be the person who does not want to compete but you do want to “look” like you can! Great come get started! We will set your goals follow a similar plan as what we just discussed and set up a photoshoot once you have attained the physique of your dreams!

Contact us now to get started today!