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What to look for in a personal fitness trainer.

So you have been working out for a few years. You have made some progress by going at it alone, trying to navigate your way through all the confusing and conflicting information on how to get in shape the best way. It seems like one article says one thing, but the other “expert” says another! Talk show on TV says one strategy but the infomercial sold you an ab trainer…How in the world will you be able to decide what is the right plan for you! You do some soul searching and decide enlisting the help of a personal trainer is going to be the best game plan to take your fitness to the next level! Where do you start your search? Do you go to your typical big box gym and have them sell you an uber expensive training program? (only to get a trainer that has little to no experience…) or do you ask your close friends and family for a referral? Or last resort maybe you will Google search a great trainer in your local area.

It can be a bit scary reaching out to contact a trainer to be in charge of your fitness journey. Fitness to most people is very personal and most people are intimidated to come to someone in our industry for help. I think one reason is because all of the misinformation that we get from TV sensationalizing what a personal trainer does when someone first comes to them. We have all seen the first day of the Biggest Loser when the trainers are yelling at the clients and pushing them way past their limits on the first day. Nobody wants to come in their first day with a trainer and get yelled at! You are already feeling down on yourself for how far you let yourself go. Who needs that!

My belief is your first experience with a personal trainer should be a professional experience. Did the trainer sit down with you your first session and get to know you and your goals? Did you fill out a health questionnaire? Did the trainer ask you questions about your current and past struggles with getting in shape? Does the trainer have a track record of success, such as before and after pictures, success stories and testimonials? How long has the trainer been at the location of their current gym? (are they stable) Do they have a sound balanced training philosophy? Do you like this trainer as a person(can you see yourself spending time with them, because that’s what you will be doing!)

A good trainer or training program will take you in on a formal consultation, have you fill out a health questionnaire, as well as ask you questions regarding your fitness goals/time frames and your commitment level. They will ask you about your nutrition habits and get a feel for what might have to change to help you get to your goals. They will ask you what supplements you use, how many days per week you currently work out and do cardio. Getting to the nitty gritty with all of this stuff enables them to put together the most effective individualized plan for you to get to the goals you want!

Here is a tip. Interview a few trainers whether its referral from friend, google search etc…and see which one is the most thorough and caring to you and your goals, who is the most qualified(experienced) to handle them. Then once you have made an educated rational decision go with the one who is the best fit. All too many times I have had clients come to me who went to another trainer first but didn’t do the research first or interview more than one trainer, and every time ended up wasting their money. The trainer dropped the ball on helping them achieve their goal. Usually by complacency, or not enough knowledge around a person’s goal. Depending on your goal you may need to look up someone specifically for their nitch. Such as training for a fitness show, or injury rehab to training for a triathlon, you may want to look for or seek out an expert in that field. As opposed to hoping your trainer can guess what program to use for you.

At the end of the day who wants to waste time and money especially on something as deeply personal as your fitness, health and body. Give yourself the advantage of an educated choice so you don’t end up like many others who have ran through the hamster wheel of fitness. On a side note it is a two way street so if you are looking for a trainer please do not waste their time either. If you sign up on their program be ready to work. Be ready to put your heart into it and give the program a chance! You will love the results!

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