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Overthinking……Killing your gainz?!?!

One thing about living in today’s world that is wonderful yet detrimental there is soo much information out there!!! Man I tell you what! Since I got into the industry of fitness and bodybuilding 15 years ago I have been constantly learning diet techniques training strategies, supplement programs etc…. on a continual basis. Years ago I did notice “one” thing every magazine or book or new “scientific study” always had the latest and greatest info! Every month it seemed like there was a new way to train, a better way to diet, and a new undiscovered supplement!

AAAAAHHHHH!!! What the heck! How would I ever make gains by changing my program every month!

But then I got smart….I read between the lines. I kept seeing some key ingredients that kept getting regurgitated as I read on. What really got real world results was not the new gimmick. It was more simple than that. Hear me out. I think it is normal with human nature to always look for a shortcut….or better yet a more efficient way of doing things, something that will get “results” quicker. And to be honest we are constantly “sold” this. So what do we do? We start buying into it. We start buying the new pill on the market or the new cutting edge “program”. But most people I find get disappointed when it doesn’t workout for them. Why is this….maybe they got distracted, by the other NEW CUTTING EDGE training program….

In reality they only “stuck” to the first program for a week or two. Then they second guessed themselves once they read the new magazine on the shelves, so they switched plans. They OVER-THOUGHT the program.

You see. Its pretty simple. There are a few basic rules for pr
1. Be consistent
2. Train your heart out
3. Recover with enough good food and basic supplements.

ogress and gianz in the gym.

Man! After 15 years of doing this I have come to realize these are the 3 basic rules to live by for progress in the gym.

In future blogs I will be posting more on this and breaking down some of these basics so you can learn what has worked for me and what has worked for my clients.

Doug Lang

P.S. and always remember to strive for A HIGHER LEVEL!