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Personal Training

Group Fitness, 1 on 1, & Online Training

My services will be tailored to each clients individual needs, weather that be working in a group or 1 on 1. No matter which option you choose know that you will have full support in attaining your desired fitness level!

Eat for your goals

Nutrition Planning / IIFYM

We will work closely together to design the best most productive and easy to follow nutrition plan for each individual I work with. This part can be the toughest part of acheiving your fitness goals so I am committed to helping you find the right nutrition plan that will work for you!

Reach your full potential

Contest Preparation

I use over 15 years of experience in the industry to help my clients who choose to compete in bodybuilding, physique, fitness, bikini and figure competitions to come in the best shape of their life!

What we are all about...

Meet the Lang Fitness Team

Doug Lang
Lang Fitness is ran by me, Doug Lang, a top level competitive bodybuilder. I developed the company and training programs to provide outstanding service through personal training and group classes to my clients so they may achieve their personal fitness goals. To motivate, educate and inspire my clients by giving them the tools necessary to reach their goals in a specific and realistic time frame. To recruit innovation and adventure in fulfilling the clients' needs without straying from the core values that produce exemplary results in my clients. To constantly grow and evolve as a business, staying on top of industry trends. To have a strong web presence through company website, Facebook and other social media websites which will act as information hubs and a centralized 'go to' source for people to retrieve accurate information on health and fitness. To offer online training courses and seminars to individuals in other cities and states as an option to train with Lang Fitness.

Lang Fitness Commitment: Scottsdale Personal Training

Lang Fitness is a company focused on results through fun, challenging and effective workouts, solid healthy nutrition plans, and by providing a safe haven for clients who can rely on Lang Fitness training for more than just achieving their personal fitness goals. What sets me apart from my competition is my passion for the fitness industry. My experience adds up to 13 years worth within personal training, bodybuilding, physique training and general health/weight loss. I have used that experience along with my nutritional education to design programs for all members of my client base including those professionals who are unable to achieve their personal fitness goals due to their busy work schedules. I have a successful system in which I keep track of my clients' results and showcase through various media. I will post testimonials of my clients to prove that I am fully capable of getting a person to their goals in a timely, safe and effective manner.

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Real clients... Real results

What people say?

Thanks for everything Doug! Amazing you took me from off season to only 8 weeks later in my best shape ever getting 2nd at NPC WESTERN REGIONAL! Look out Cali cause were coming with a new game plan!

Zack Cheney

What people say?

Kristin Borruso 1st place at her first bikini competition thanks to Lang Fitness! "I want to thank you for all of your support and help getting me where I am today! I definitely could not have even come close without your help and inspiration! Thank you again!

Kristin Borruso

What people say?

c. I just wanted to thank you for all your time and effort for getting me ready for the show this last weekend. I could not have done it without you and I look forward to getting ready for the show in March

Shawn Britson

What people say?

I've been working with Lang Fitness the past few years. I've played sports my entire life but have always been reluctant to hit the weights. Doug has gotten me over that and I'm very please with the results so far.

Terry Linnig

What people say?

I joined Lang fitness about about a year and a half ago. I thought I was in great shape and that using a trainer would just help me get into show mode, something I had never done but always wanted to do. After my first work out I instantly knew there was so much I was excited to learn and that I did not know. I have now done three shows and am working on my fourth, looking better and better each time around. Without Lang fitness' motivating energy and guidelines to stay healthy I never could have achieved and surpassed what I thought I was capable of doing. Lang fitness pushes you while giving you confidence that you can achieve your goals. I can't wait to see where the fitness world could take me!!

Veronica Iatesta

What people say?

Lang Fitness is the best team and ONLY team I have EVER been apart of. He is the best trainer I know. I started with Lang Fitness in 2011 and my goals were to do a show and get my weight up. I was a scrawny little guy with not much shape, but that all changed within a 6month period of hard training and dieting. I went from 170lbs to 174lbs for my first show. Since then I have reached my goal of 200lbs. I could not have done it without Doug's expert knowledge in the industry and great exercises. I highly recommend Lang Fitness if you are doing a show or just wanting to get yourself in better shape to achieve a personal goal. What ever it may be, Lang Fitness is the way to go!

Ryan Yarter

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